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Ernie portraitErnest P. Coccari served for eleven years as the Executive Director of the Monessen Chamber of Commerce . Although he has passed away, his hard work and dedication to this city will never be forgotten. . In 1989, he was honored by the Monessen Chamber for his "tireless" efforts while serving as the Executive Director.

<saxophone>Music was an integral part of Ernie's life. He played saxophone and clarinet with numerous bands in the area. He became a member of the Frankie Barr Orchestra, the house band at the former Twin Coaches night club. Ernie performed with some of the greatest talents in show business - Dean Martin, Liberace, Wayne Newton, Tony Bennett, and the Platters (to name a few). Ernie, who was a member of the American Federation of Musicians, also enjoyed playing at the weekly Monessen Rotary meetings.

<automobile gif>Ernie's primary occupation in life was automobile sales and service. He worked for his Uncle Carmine's automobile dealership, on Donner Avenue in Monessen. After Carmine's death, Ernie took over ownership of the Chrysler-Plymouth dealership (Coccari Garage) and operated it from 1958 until 1974.

The annual Monessen Chamber of Commerce Cultural Heritage Festival was dedicated to Ernie Coccari for his years of dedicated service to the festival .

The Ernest P. Coccari Memorial Fund was established to provide a lasting tribute to Ernie. A memorial in downtown Monessen and a music scholarship are in the development stages. Contributions are being accepted at the Monessen Chamber office at 125 Sixth Street, Monessen, Pa. 15062. Additional information is available by calling the Chamber at (412)684-3200.

Memorial Update!

The Ernest P. Coccari Memorial was unveiled in downtown Monessen on June 19th, 1997.
The Memorial
The Coccari family wishes to thank all those who gave their time and donations for this tribute.

Some of Ernie's achievement's:

CD Roll gif "Man of the Year", by the Monessen Chamber of Commerce, in 1989.

CD Roll gif Paul Harris Fellowship Award (Received through the Monessen Rotary).

CD Roll gif Rotarian of the year, 1995.

Thanks to Susan Broyles of The Monessen Chamber of Commerce and Don Casson for the photograph.

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